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This is the playground for David Naugle Atlanta based media director. In addition to documentary work, I run R&D Studios where I help people with original content creation ranging from still photography to short films. Let’s chat about your next project.


Art Papers Magazine 2016 Terminus cover and spreads




Art on Marta (part 2)
David Naugle
A photo essay documenting the public art of Atlanta’s rapid transit system brings a vast collection of commissions out of the stations’ shadows
with an introduction by John Cocker GO


Art Papers Magazine | Photo Essay & Video

July/August 2015 issue: Issue



ART PAPERS commissioned this photo essay by David Naugle to accompany “Dead Ends,” a reportage by critic Chris Fite-Wassilak appearing in our July/August 2015 issue, which revisits an ambitious industrial and sculpture park built in 1968 in southwest Atlanta.

This project tracks down the minimalist masterpieces that were once displayed in the park, and have now been dispersed around the city—or have disappeared entirely.




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