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David Naugle photography


This is the sandbox for David Naugle an Atlanta-based media director.

In addition to documentary work, I help people with original content creation ranging from short films and photography to immersive web experiences at R&D Studios.

Let’s collaborate.


Art Papers Magazine 2016 Terminus cover and spreads





Art on Marta (part 2)
David Naugle
A photo essay documenting the public art of Atlanta’s rapid transit system brings a vast collection of commissions out of the stations’ shadows
with an introduction by John Cocker GO


Art Papers Magazine | Photo Essay & Video

July/August 2015 issue: Issue



ART PAPERS commissioned this photo essay by David Naugle to accompany “Dead Ends,” a reportage by critic Chris Fite-Wassilak appearing in our July/August 2015 issue, which revisits an ambitious industrial and sculpture park built in 1968 in southwest Atlanta.

This project tracks down the minimalist masterpieces that were once displayed in the park, and have now been dispersed around the city—or have disappeared entirely.



Getting Dissy

February 2015






David Naugle photography


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Stereo Skateboards / Mailchimp


See Atlanta, Ga through the lens of Stereo Sound Agency co-founders Jason Lee and Chris Pastras as they skate the town and talk with new found friends at MailChimp about their influences, who helped make them who they are today and about following their passions and sticking to them.





Afterwards hang with them at Victory Sandwich Bar and then later as they meet with Ricci De Forest at Madame CJ Walker’s Museum and Beauty Shoppe to talk about this historic Civil Rights Era institution.





Filmed on Sony Alpha a7s II on DJI Ronin M gimbals in and around Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park at MailChimp, Victory Sandwich Bar and Madame CJ Walker’s Beauty Shoppe Museum. Support local wherever that is!




Creative Direction/Producer: Calvin Florian
DP: Blake Williams
DP: Mark Spencer
Cam Assist: Stephen Calsbeek
Editor: Mark Spencer



Audio/Sweetening: Robert Ferguson
Title Cards and Animation: Adam Fuchs
Colorist: Brian Smith
Still Photography and BTS: David Naugle
Crew Support: Ben Amick




Music tracks by:
The Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra – “Doina Blues”
PLS PLS – “Sharkskin Suit”
Timo Lassy “Where’s the Man?”





Thanks to MailChimp for the generous support, Dan Kurzius, Ashley Wilson, Lain Shakespeare and the staff for letting us skate your halls, thanks to Ian, Caleb and the staff at Victory Sandwich Bar, and Ricci De Forrest and crew at Madame CJ Walker’s Beauty Shop Museum. Thanks to our great crew of friends that offered their time and worked well below their titles and pay grade.