I wanted to share a quick and possibly funny update for folks I’ve worked with as well as prospective clients that get it.

Hey! I will help you with:

+ Branded Photography and Video Content
+ Portraiture
+ Lifestyle and Product Photography
+ Mini Documentaries
+ You Get The Idea….


Am I a photographer? Video bro? Producer? Sound effects nerd? Just a fun collaborator to have in your office for a week every quarter to brainstorm and prototype ideas?

Brief History…

I’ve been shooting and documenting since high school.
As a teenager,  I took every photography, journalism and darkroom class available.  I photographed everyone’s headshot, band, wedding, even a funeral. I stepped into shooting some ad work while still in school at Atlanta College of Art and started my ventures into the commercial world.
All of the years following, I started, stopped, failed and succeeded then failed again but I’m always stoked to learn and grow.

A while back, my wife and I bought an abandoned house, fixed it up ourselves, sold it and moved to a tiny house in a tiny town in the Hudson River Valley with our Airstream and animals.
Our family grew after a couple of years and we moved back to the south to be near family and friends.

While shooting some pick-up shots for a FedEx Annual report, I stumbled into the world of branding and visual identity. There I learned the value of how systems of writing, graphic design, and strategy along with great photography were the DNA of storytelling for businesses large, small, local, and global. I had been dabbling in web development and video editing and found a new voice of communication combining all my disciplines.



Hannah, my objective here is simply to share a quick  history of where I came from traveling the following trajectory:

curious child > photographer/documentarian > child adult > Father > corporate life > still an artist and child adult and still do not take anything too seriously > helping empower those without a voice
…I can use the tools to help folks tell their stories>blah blah blah

Something about documenting artists and creatives, MarwencolRandy Jones,  Mabel Sharp Carillon ladyThe Contemporary Art Party Hannah Palmer of course


Then later I can go into how I work (Process)
Why I started R&D Studios –  Group of like-minded multi-media collaborators…..

How I  work with Corporations and businesses
With Cox Enterprises and FedEx I partner directly with their internal communications and marketing teams to empower them with genuine video testimonials and portraits. Marketing can use these assets in so many ways.


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