Discovering Marwencol


Robert Zemeckis Steve Carell Welcome to Marwen and Mark Hogancamp by David Naugle Atlanta Photographer
Mark Hogancamp from my visit in June 2014
© David Naugle all rights reserved


I met Mark Hogancamp when I lived in a rural hamlet in NY state in 2004 (population 350). I had seen him walking down our rural state road a number of times, often wearing a vintage WWII coat, and one day I pulled over and chatted with him. He was very guarded but eventually opened up to me and shared his world of art, hate, love, pain, and self-rehabilitation through creativity.


Marwencol Marwen and Mark Hogancamp by David Naugle Atlanta Photographer

August 10, 2007
© David Naugle all rights reserved


I interviewed Mark and photographed him for the art magazine Esopus Issue 5. The piece was well received and was seen later by Jeff Malmberg, a filmmaker out of Los Angeles. He was interested in shooting a short piece and contacted magazine editor Tod Lippy and myself about meeting Mark. I was protective of him since there are many complicated layers, but Jeff Malmberg was successful in creating a sensitive and impactful documentary Marwencol and was released in 2010.


Mark Hogancamp of Marwencol - Premiere Night IFC New York

Premiere Showing at IFC – NYC October 8, 2010.
© David Naugle all rights reserved


David Naugle and Mark Hogancamp

David Naugle and Mark Hogancamp at IFC – NYC October 8, 2010.
© David Naugle all rights reserved

Official Trailer Marwencol (Documentary) / Jeff Malmberg


Welcome To Marwen Trailer 2018

Well it actually happened – Robert Zemeckis saw the doc and wanted to create his own blockbuster version of Mark’s story starring Steve Carell as Mark. Four years in the making and the film is now a reality. I’m in touch with Mark Hogancamp and he is excited about the trailer. I just hope they tell the honest story. Apparently, my discovery was cut so I’m out of this picture. Welcome to Marwen is in theaters December 21, 2018.



Detail of interior 2014

Snap Judgement 2016- Marwencol



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David Naugle doll from Marwencol | Mark Hogancamp by David Naugle


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